BBC Four Acquires Australian Drama ‘Safe Harbour’; Extends Deals For ‘Cardinal’, ‘Trapped’ & ‘Follow The Money’

BBC Four has inked a deal with NBCUniversal International Distribution to acquire the UK rights to Australian drama Safe Harbour. Additionally, they have also extended their licensing agreements with eOne, Dynamic Television and DR Sales to pick up season three of Cardinal, season two of Trapped, and season three of Follow The Money, respectively. All four series will air in BBC Four’s Saturday night foreign drama slot.

Safe Harbour is a four-part thriller that tells the story of a group of friends on a yachting holiday from Darwin to Indonesia whose idyllic vacation takes a disastrous turn when they come across a broken-down fishing boat, full of desperate asylum seekers. The Australians decide to help, towing the refugees, but when they wake the next morning the fishing boat is gone. Five years later they meet some of the refugees again and learn the truth.

Someone cut the rope between the two boats and, as a result, seven people died when the fishing boat sank. The revelation drives a wedge of mistrust between the Australians, as they grapple with protecting themselves and doing the right thing. The refugees struggle with their desire for justice and, possibly, revenge. The drama is produced by Matchbox Pictures and stars Phoebe Tonkin, Joel Jackson, Ewen Leslie, Leeanna Walsman, Jacqueline McKenzie, Hazem Shammas, Nicole Chamoun and Robert Rabiah.

“As the original home of contemporary international drama on British television, BBC Four continues to fire on all cylinders, bringing choice new titles and returning favourites back to its established Saturday night slot”, said BBC Four Channel Editor Cassian Harrison. “Ranging from the open seas of the South Pacific to the back-woods of Canada, with – of course – some Nordic wilderness stop-offs along the way, we hope audiences will enjoy our thrilling Spring selections as much as we do.”

Cardinal is set in the town of Algonquin Bay in Northern Canada and follows detectives John Cardinal and Lise Delorme as they investigate major crimes and unearth the darker side of their picturesque community. The drama series, which is based on the series of Cardinal novels by Giles Blunt, is produced by Sienna Films and eOne in association with Bell Media’s CTV.

The cast includes Billy Campbell, Karine Vanasse, Deborah Hay, Glen Gould, Kristen Thomson, David Richmond Peck, Alanna Bale, Bruce Ramsay, Alex Paxton-Beesley, Jonathan Keltz, Kevin Hanchard and Kris Holden-Ried. The show’s third season finds a grieving Cardinal torn between obsessive questions about his wife’s death and his loyalty to his partner, Delorme, when a spiralling double murder investigation turns Algonquin Bay into a danger zone, and pushes the two detectives to their limits.

Trapped follows the murder of an unidentified man in small town near an Icelandic fjord, which is cut off from the outside world after a powerful blizzard. The series, which is based on an idea by Baltasar Kormákur, is produced by RVK Studios and stars Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (True Detective), Bjarne Henriksen (The Killing), Ingvar E Sigurðsson (K19 The Widowmaker), Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir (White Night Wedding), Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir (The Sea) and Björn Hlynur Haraldsson (Fortitude).

In the show’s second season, outside the Parliament in Reykjavik, a man throws himself at the Minister for Industry, setting fire to them both. Andri Olaffson, now working in Reykjavik, is assigned to the case and quickly learns the attacker was the minister’s twin. Their family’s roots are in the North, in the very area Andri had hoped to leave behind, where his old colleague Hinrika is now Chief of Police. Trouble is brewing in the town, with widespread anger at a power plant, drilling and a proposed aluminium plant. Shortly after Andri’s return the power plant’s foreman is found dead. Are the two incidents – the murder and the attack in Reykjavik – connected?

Follow The Money follows Mads, a police detective who is assigned to investigate when a dead body is found in the sea near a wind farm off the coast of Denmark. Mads refuses to believe that it is just an accident and the deeper he digs, the more suspicious he becomes of quickly expanding energy company Energen. Before long the detective is drawn into a morass of financial and legal shady dealings. Borgen‘s Jeppe Gjervig Gram created the series and penned the scripts alongside a writing team that includes Anders August and Jannik Tai Mosholt. Follow The Money the drama series is produced by DR and stars Thomas Bo Larson, Natalie Madueño Wolfsberg, Esben Smed and Nikolaj Lie Kaas.

In the third season, the series shifts from white-collar crime in the world of high financing to the more gritty and rough world of street crime and drug dealing, and focuses on two characters from the previous seasons: Nicky and Alf. Nicky has become a heavy-weight kingpin in the Danish underworld, while Alf is in a new job with one of the Police’s gang units, which The Fraud Squad lends out employees to when the narcotics investigators need to crack the kingpin’s accounts and finances. Alf and Nicky are in direct opposition to each other – and when one of them pulls a clever manoeuver, the other counteracts. A new main character is also introduced, Anna, who is the centre of her own arena – a bank. Anna is the proficient but overlooked bank employee, who is suddenly recognized for her abilities in alternative ways. Throughout the season, she will become an important accomplice in the laundering of the criminals’ money.