Double Yay Productions To Launch Comedy Series ‘Nutritiously Nicola!’ On YouTube

Double Yay Productions has announced plans to release their seven-part comedy series Nutritiously Nicola! on YouTube on Wednesday January 9th. All episodes will be available that same day.

Nutritiously Nicola! follows Nicola Woodford who, having spent her early twenties in an NHS eating disorder inpatient facility, is discharged and re-joins the real world. Living in East London and in desperate need of a ‘real job’, things take an unexpected turn when Nicola finds herself trying to find success as a food blogger.

As she battles for online success, she soon realises that trying to ‘live her best life’ on Instagram and her recovery may not be entirely compatible. The comedy series is produced by the all-female London based indie Double Yay Productions and stars Natalie Bray, Caroline Amer and Rebecca Tanwen Morgan. Guest stars include Heida Reed (Poldark), Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter, Ripper Street), Rosie Day (Outlander) and Christopher Ettridge (Goodnight Sweetheart).

The short-form comedy series, which was created by Natalie Bray, has an interesting development history. Double Yay was formed after Bray took the decision to develop Nutritiously Nicola!, originally a stage show which she performed herself, into a full-length pilot. In Spring 2017, Doubly Yay Productions was offered an option by a leading production company but turned it down, instead opting to fund and release the project themselves and maintain creative control. A successful KickStarter for the project was more than £16 000 to fund production.

“Nicola is one of life’s fighters”, said Natalie Bray, Producer and Creative Director at Double Yay Productions. “She’s flawed and she’s had a really tough time but she’s muddling through and trying to make the best of her lot. I originally created Nutritiously Nicola! As an angry, cheeky response to the rise of the clean eating movement and my self-conscious frustration at how it was exacerbating my own eating disorder. It was when I started to receive messages from friends who had had the same experience, most of whom had never talked openly about their body image issues, that I knew it was an important story to tell.”

While Caroline Amer, Producer and Business Director at Double Yay Productions, added: “It seems we’ve created something that has yet to find a comfortable home. A high quality, scripted short comedy series with episodes that vary in length. No one knew what to do with it. Understandably, there was reluctance to take a chance on a brand-new production company with a flagship project on such a risky subject. And to make a comedy about it. We’re misfits. We’ve entered the industry with the goal to shake things up and we don’t stay in our place. This feels like the perfect chance to build an audience and encourage established players in the industry to take a chance on us. Who knows, maybe someone will be bold and help us make series two…”

Check out the trailer below: