Bad Wolf Developing Fashion Magazine Drama ‘Gold Dust Nation’ From Former British Vogue Editors Alexandra Shulman & Fiona Golfar

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Bad Wolf – the Sky & HBO backed indie set up by Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner – is developing Gold Dust Nation, a “major new drama series” from former British Vogue Editors Alexandra Shulman and Fiona Golfar.

Gold Dust Nation tells the story of the ‘90s through the prism of a British monthly fashion magazine and focuses on the lives of a collection of characters working in the orbit of an internationally famous fashion magazine; photographers, stylists, journalists, PRs, hairdressers, designers and interns in a pre-digital world.

It was conceived by former British Vogue Editor In Chief Alexandra Shulman and former British Vogue Editor At Large Fiona Golfar. Between them, they worked at the magazine for twenty five years and have unrivalled knowledge of what it is like to be right at the centre of the fashion world but also what it is to be women in this workplace. “It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to bring to life the realities of the world of fashion publishing in a series that will have total authenticity”, Alexandra Shulman said in a statement. “We will be able to showcase the real issues and real stories that occur when you combine huge creativity with human emotions and dilemmas set in a backdrop of the changing times of recent history.”

“It’s very exciting to have the opportunity to be working with Bad Wolf to bring to life a world we know so well. At the heart of it our show is about a group of people finding their place in this world of perceived glamour”, commenteed Fiona Golfar. “It is a show about love and loyalty, treachery and creativity, beauty and body image. Can these co-exist when there is so much at stake in the highly charged world of fashion magazines? Between us Alexandra and I have seen it all, from the boardroom to the bedroom, there is never a dull moment in the world of fashion.”

Bad Wolf has been on a tear lately and have gone two-for-two with their original drama series, A Discovery Of Witches and His Dark Materials, which have been renewed for additional seasons by Sky One and BBC One, respectively. “Alexandra and Fiona’s brilliance is that they have captured the mood of a country pivoting on its heel and heading for one on the most dynamic and contentious periods of British cultural and political history”, added Bad Wolf’s Jane Tranter. “The creativity, flair and irreverence that made them such a force in the publishing world runs through every ounce of Gold Dust Nation.”