Sony Pictures Television Sells Electric Ray’s ‘Alone At Home’ Format To Germany & The Netherlands

Sony Pictures Television has secured the first format sales for Electric Ray’s Alone At Home. The parenting format has been picked up by RTL Germany and RTL Netherlands, with both broadcasters commissioning local versions of the show.

RTL Netherlands have ordered a six episode run for their version of the show, with production set to commence in December. RTL Germany’s series is being produced by SPT Germany. The two sales come after Sony launched the format at MIPCOM, where it became one of the hot picks of the market and ahead of the premiere of the original UK series on Channel 4 next Friday (November 9th).

Alone At Home is a fixed rig series where kids are given a unique opportunity – four days alone at home with no parents and absolutely no rules! Closely monitored by a safeguarding team including chaperones and psychologists, they’ll have to feed themselves, run their household, get themselves to school – if they choose to go. Will the kids descend into chaos or step up and impress? And what will the parents learn? How will this change family life and most importantly will the house still be standing?

“Alone at Home has the sort of risky headline that all great fact ent hits need but it takes an honest and heartfelt look at one of the most important questions for viewers everywhere – how should be bring up our kids?”, said Meredith Chambers, Managing Director of Electric Ray. “We can’t wait to bring the show to more territories – and see what adventures the children have as Alone at Home travels internationally”.

While Sarah Edwards, Creative Director for Sony Pictures Television, added: “Alone at home resonated with the international market straight away because parenting is a global subject. Electric ray has hit on something that is very current and we could see buyers wondering “what would my kids do?”. We are really excited about how children around the world cope with this challenge”.