History UK Acquires A&E's 'The Clinton Affair', Sets December Premiere – TVWise

The Clinton Affair is crossing the pond. History UK has secured the UK rights to A&E’s six-episode Clinton impeachment documentary series from sister company A+E Networks. The series will receive its UK premiere on History UK on Saturday December 8th at 9pm with a double-bill.
From Alex Gibney and Blair Foster, The Clinton Affair (formerly known as The Impeachment of Bill Clinton) explores the investigation that led to only the second impeachment trial in America’s history. Weaving together never-before-seen archival footage with exclusive new interviews, the series examines the biggest political scandal of a generation and its lasting influence and reverberations on the United States.
Exploring broader topics including media, feminism, politics and power, the documentary investigates the history leading up to the impeachment trial and chronicles the role each of these forces played in this story of sex, power, money, lies and ideological warfare. In a major coup, producers secured on-screen interviews with Monica Lewisnky and her family. Other key interviewees include: Ken Starr, James Carville, Bob Barr, Bob Bennett, Jim Blair, Barbara and Bernard Lewinsky, Joe Lockhart, Trent Lott, Bob Livingston, David Kendall, Cliff Jackson, Juanita Broaddrick, Joe Conason, Tom Daschle, Len Downie and David Brock.
“I thought I knew a lot about President Clinton’s impeachment because I lived through it. However, when I began this project, I quickly realized much of what I thought I knew was incomplete, or worse, inaccurate,” said series director Blair Foster. “My goal for this series was to do a deep dive into the facts and speak to as many people as possible who were involved. The deeper I got the clearer it became that this series is as much about the present day as it is about the 1990s. To borrow a phrase from Barbara Tuchman, this series serves as a ‘distant mirror’ on our current political situation and is far more timely than I ever anticipated.”
“Blair has done magnificent work with this mini-series. She takes a story we thought we all knew and shows it to us in an entirely new light,” added executive producer Alex Gibney. “Through the testimony of an extraordinary number of key participants, Blair illuminates the origins of today’s political chicanery and tribalism, the media madness of scandal and the way that individuals – with all their messy, contradictory and deeply human motivations – are sacrificed at the altar of power and ambition.”
Check out A&E’s original trailer for The Clinton Affair below: