Anna Friel, Sinead Keenan & Rosalind Eleazar To Star In ITV's 'Deep Water' – TVWise

ITV has found the three leads for Deep Water. Anna Friel (Marcella), Sinead Keenan (Little Boy Blue) and Rosalind Eleazar (Rellik) have all been set to star in the emotion thriller that is based on the Windermere series of novels by Paula Daly.
Deep Water is set against the backdrop of the Lake District and follows the lives of three complex and vibrant women, each struggling to keep their heads above very deep water. Like all of us, they seek to do their best for their families, but face tough choices with difficult, and often messy repercussions. The women are connected by the school gates, each with children around the same age.
Anna Friel has been cast as Lisa Kallisto, a mother of three who juggles her hectic family life with running a business, which keeps her occupied at all hours; Sinead Keenan as Roz, a physiotherapist who once had a thriving private practice, but the debts run up by her soulmate Winston leave the family facing financial ruin; and Rosalind Eleazar as Kate Riverty, a wealthy and attractive woman with a well-drilled and highly organised family life who invites her friend Lisa and husband Joe to dinner, but the evening goes spectacularly wrong for Lisa after she makes a spontaneous decision.
The six episode drama series was penned by Indian Summers scribe Anna Symon, adapting the Paula Daly novels for television. It was commissioned by ITV’s Head of Drama Polly Hill and is set up at indie Kudos (Broadchurch, Grantchester). Rebecca Hodgson is the series producer, while Harry Wootliff is attached to direct. The executive producers are Karen Wilson, Diederick Santer and Anna Symon. Production on the series is now underway in the Lake District ahead of a 2019 premiere.
“Anna has cleverly woven together two of Paula’s brilliant novels, to create a wonderful modern and layered series. It’s about three very different women on their own incredible and often shocking journeys, whose lives connect at the school gates”, Poly Hill said in a statement. “It’s funny, sexy, truthful and often outrageous, and should have the audience asking what they would do to hold their own family together. I am delighted to be working with Kudos on this great new series for ITV.”