After Clayne Crawford’s Exit, Future Of Fox’s ‘Lethal Weapon’ Reboot In UK Looks Uncertain

EXCLUSIVE: The fallout from the decision to fire star Clayne Crawford from Lethal Weapon continues. I have learned that ITV has yet to make a call on whether or not to renew their licensing deal for the TV reboot of the feature film series that starred Danny Glover and Mel Gibson.

I’m told that the original deal that ITV agreed with Warner Bros. International Television Distribution for the show only covered the first two seasons. Normally, the ratings performance would be enough to make the call on an extension, but the creative changes seems to be giving ITV pause and they are waiting to see the new episodes before making a final decision.

Sources at Warner Bros. International Television Distribution tell me that while there is no deal in place, ITV effectively has first refusal when it comes to the UK rights to season three. They also blasted rumours that a deal with a new UK broadcaster had already been reached as “unfounded speculation”. It’s worth noting that Lethal Weapon has been a solid performer for ITV, frequently drawing consolidated audiences in excess of 2 million viewers.

Clayne Crawford, who played co-lead Riggs, was fired by series producer Warner Bros. Television back in May over allegations relating to his behaviour on-set. While Crawford did apologise, the studio felt it had no other recourse and had to let him go. When the producers locked in American Pie‘s Seann William Scott to star opposite Damon Wayans as the new co-lead, Fox pulled the trigger and picked up a third season. Fox themselves have been less than sure-footed about the creative changes and have hedged their bets by placing a shorter-than-usual 13 episode order.