Channel 4 Closes Out Jack Thorne Trilogy With ‘The Light’

Channel 4 is completing their trilogy of Jack Thorne four-part dramas. The PSB has given the greenlight to The Light, the final four part drama from the scribe behind the award winning Harry Potter & The Cursed Child. The first two entries in the trilogy, National Treasure and Kiri, aired on Channel 4 in 2016 and 2018, respectively.

The Light takes a look at disability and will focus on the repercussions of a catastrophic disaster that befalls a community in a small Welsh town which has seen more prosperous times. The disaster claims the lives of many, children included and, as personal and communal grief gives way to a torrent of anger and blame, the community finds itself torn apart.

The four-part drama will explore the complex web of decisions and circumstances, both political and personal, that led to the fatal event. The community feels powerless in the face of seemingly inexorable political and business forces but to what extent are they complicit in their own fate? It will also explore how the media spotlight in the wake of such a disaster can affect a community. While National Treasure was about shame and Kiri was about fame, The Light’s theme is justice.

“I cannot believe Channel 4 has afforded us this opportunity. At the beginning of National Treasure we started talking about the possibilities of a trilogy which peeked behind the curtains of this country and tried to ask difficult questions about who we are and how the media paints us”, said Jack Thorne. “I am so delighted we are going to get to finish that trilogy off. I’ve loved working with Beth, Channel 4 and The Forge on this.”

Independent production company The Forge, who produced both National Treasure and Kiri, are producing The Light, which was commissioned by Channel 4’s Head of Drama Beth Willis. Jonny Richards and Chloe Tucker are Commissioning Executives. Hulu are co-producing and will air the series in the United States. Production is expected to get underway in 2019, for a premiere later that same year. The executive producers are George Ormond and George Faber.

“We are delighted to be working once more with the immensely talented Jack Thorne. Jack has a singular ability to explore some of the most complex and challenging topics facing modern Britain today with warmth and empathy, and also with sharp insight and fearless scrutiny”, Beth Willis commented. “The Light promises to be another powerful examination of guilt, blame, responsibility and culpability.”

While Executive Producer George Ormond added: “Jack’s a thrilling writer to work with not only because of his ability to put his finger on the pulse of what is worrying us as a nation, but because he manages to do so with characters that take our breath away, make us laugh, and then leave us wrung dry as we travel with them through the story. We’re over the moon to be getting the chance to complete the trilogy with The Light.”