BBC Four Sets UK Premiere Date For ‘The Plague’

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Photographer: Julio Vergne

Spanish period drama The Plague will receive its UK premiere on BBC Four on Saturday September 1st at 9pm with a double-bill, it has been announced.

Photographer: Julio VergneThe Plague is a historical thriller set during the time that the Black Death descended on 16th century Seville, one of the richest and most significant cities in the world. It is the doorway to Europe for gold rich migrants from the New World, and it is a city cloaked in Catholic piety. Pursuit of power is fuelled by fear and greed, and hypocrisy abounds. Convents are lax, brothels are regulated and hospitals are used as graveyards. Mysticism and chaos rule. Mateo, a former heretic, must now return to the city that sentenced him to death.

He must honour the dying wish of his best friend: to save Valerio, his friend’s bastard son. On arrival in Seville, Mateo is arrested, but the Holy Office offers Mateo a proposal for absolution: solve the murders in the city which all seem to be part of a demonic ritual and he will be pardoned. For Mateo this is life or death and he is drawn into a conspiracy which reaches the very heights of power in Seville. As the plague begins to consume the city, the walls are closed and the pursuit to find the murderer intensifies. The drama series is is based on an original idea from Alberto Rodgríguez and Rafael Cobos and stars Pablo Molinero, Paco Leó, Sergio Castellanos, Patricia López Arnaiz, Manuel Solo, Tomás Del Estal, Paco Tous, Manuel Morón, Cecilia Gómez, Antonio Gil, Lupe Del Junco, Pedro Lanzas and Antonio Dechent.

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