Paddy McGuinness & Joe Lycett Quiz Shows Picked Up At BBC One

BBC One has handed out series orders to two quiz shows: Catchpoint, hosted by Paddy McGuinness; and The Time It Takes, hosted by Joe Lycett. Both series were commissioned for the Saturday teatime slot. Catchpoint has received an order for six episodes, while The Time It Takes has received and order for 8 episodes.

“Both The Time It Takes and Catchpoint are two extremely innovative, play along formats which leapt off the page when they were first pitched”, Kate Phillips, the BBC’s Controller of Entertainment Commissioning said in a statement. “With the extremely talented Joe Lycett and Paddy McGuinness as ringmasters there will be lots of laughs but also tensions as the contestants tackle the tyranny of time in two very different ways. It’s games on for BBC One.”

Catchpoint is a physical game show where contestants can get their hands on the answer using both their brains and balls. Brains are required to answer the various questions asked and then players will need to think fast as they try to catch balls of various sizes which will be dropped from the studio ceiling. The premise of the game is simple: don’t drop the ball. In the studio, ten large rectangular LED screens are positioned along the back wall of the Catch Zone. These screens will display the answers to each question that the players will face. Suspended above the Catch Zone are ten trapdoors – each containing a ball.

Only the trapdoor that is located directly above the correct answer screen will open and send a ball plummeting to earth. All the players must do is stand in front of the screen that they think is displaying the correct answer, press the button to release the ball and then catch the ball when it drops from the correct answer trapdoor. If you’re standing in the right place it should be a piece of cake but get it wrong and you’re going to have to rely on fast moves and quick reflexes not to drop that ball. With a variety of rounds, all leading up to an exciting finale where a cash prize is at stake, Catchpoint is a family-friendly game show combining physical fun with a new and exciting question mechanic in the ultimate battle of brains and balls. Catchpoint is set up as a co-production between Possessed and 12 Yard Productions. The executive producers are Glenn Hugill for Possessed and Zoë Tait for 12 Yard. The Commissioning Editor for the BBC is Kalpna Knight-Patel. “I’m thrilled to be hosting Catchpoint. It’s always exciting being part of a new show, especially one that involves so many fun elements”, host Paddy McGuinness said in a statement. “I can’t wait to get started!!! Now where did I put those cricket gloves?”

The Time It Takes is hosted by Joe Lycett and sees contestants pick from various scenarios – such as What takes longer – unwrapping every sweet in a family pack of a popular butter flavoured sweet, completing a Rubik’s cube underwater or deflating an air bed and putting it back into its original box – the contestants must choose from as timers. The contestant who gets the most questions right in their given timescale, will be one step closer to winning a dream holiday. But all is not completely lost for the player with the lowest score, as they will receive a very special The Time It Takes Tea Towel before leaving the show.

Hat Trick Productions are producing for BBC One. The series producer is Meriel Beale and the executive producer is Richard Wilson. The Commissioning Editor for the BBC is Jo Street. “Never before has so much relied on someone knowing how long a kettle takes to boil”, Joe Lycett said in a statement. “The Time It Takes is one of the most brilliantly daft shows I’ve ever been involved in – and that’s saying something.”