‘Home Front Heroes’ Leads BBC One’s Daytime Factual Slate

BBC One has set their daytime factual slate for this coming autumn.

The BBC’s flagship channel has commissioned five factual series including Home Front Heroes, a series in which Sue Johnston, Larry Lamb, Radzi Chinyanganya, Tanni Grey-Thompson and Helen Lederer will relive the wartime experiences of a close family member.

The five factual series have been commissioned for BBC One by Daytime boss Dan McGolpin. “Original factual programming is the foundation of the BBC One daytime schedule and with these new commissions we have something for everyone”, he said in a statement.

McGolpin and his team has been busy of late. In addition to these factual shows, TVWise previously reported that the BBC’s Controller of BBC Programming and Daytime had renewed both Father Brown and Shakespeare & Hathaway – Private Investigators. BBC One also recently ordered The Mallorca Files, a new daytime drama from prolific TV scribe Dan Sefton.

Full Details Of The Factual Commissions Follows Below:

Home Front Heroes

Set to be stripped across the week leading up to Remembrance Sunday, Home Front Heroes sees Five famous – including Sue Johnston, Larry Lamb, Radzi Chinyanganya, Tanni Grey-Thompson and Helen Lederer – relive the wartime experiences of a close family member, discovering just how significant their contributions really were. Along the way, they’ll meet people whose lives were transformed by what happened on the Home Front, as well as some of those today performing very similar roles as their relatives did back in the war. The five episode series is being produced by BBC Studios. The executive producer is Rob Unsworth. The BBC Commissioning Editor is Carla-Maria Lawson.

One Day That Changed My Life

Narrated by Jo Joyner, this five part series explore the dramatic moments in people’s lives that determine the future. Be it  a significant job interview result, a house sale offer, a pregnancy test result.a wedding proposal or even a DNA test. Each episode will feature up to four stories and explore life stories as they unravel, delivering intimate moments that will take viewers on our participants’ journeys – and reflect their lives back to them. Flicker are producing, with Liz Foley serving as the series producer. The executive producer is Colleen Flynn. The BBC Commissioning Editor is Julie Shaw.

Operation: NHS Fraud

Operation: NHS Fraud explores the hidden world of counter fraud investigators inside the NHS. It’s their job to catch and prosecute the cheats, liars and fraudsters who try to rip-off the NHS – from the inside. Fraud committed by staff, patients and contractors is now estimated to be costing the health service £1.25 billion a year. The series will follow the NHS Counter Fraud Authority’s cases from tip-off to conviction. Each episode will feature three stories, told by the investigators at the heart of the case. We’ll see them working alongside the police and the CPS to issue warrants, carry out raids and bring those responsible to justice.

The audience will also get to know the investigators themselves, to hear how protecting the public purse drives everything they do. These are passionate advocates of the NHS, who dedicated themselves to making sure every penny of NHS funds stays in the health service. Operation: NHS Fraud is produced by Brown Bob. The executive producer is Jacqueline Hewer. The BBC Commissioning Editor is Lindsay Bradbury

Payback Time For Frontline Crime

This factual series takes an interesting subject – those frontline responders (police officers, firefighters and paramedics) who have been attacked and injured in the line of duty – and follows the road to recovery including the emotional return to duty, as well as how the criminals who hurt our heroes are brought to justice. The series will show the terrifying moments that changed the lives of these public service champions and follow the police as they track down and lock up the criminal villains responsible. So in each episode, as the responders bravely report back for duty, their attackers are caught and sentenced. Reef are producing five episodes for the BBC. The executive producer is Rachel Platt. The BBC Commissioning Editor is Lindsay Bradbury.

Make Me A Dealer

A bumper twenty episode commission for afternoons, Make Me A Dealer is presented by Paul Martin and shows wannabe antique and collectible dealers who are given the chance to learn the tricks of the trade. In each episode two amateur enthusiasts compete against each other to buy anything that takes their fancy at auction. Then under the guidance of pro Paul Martin, the aim is to sell the items onto make a profit. Each contributor invests their own money so the stakes are high. Make Me A Dealer is produced by BBC Studios. The executive producer is Paul Tucker and BBC’s Commissioning Editor is Lindsay Bradbury.