Bryncoed Options TV Rights To Ian Sansom’s ‘The County Guides’ Series

Bryncoed Productions has optioned TV drama rights to Ian Sansom’s The County Guides series of novels. So far four such novels have been published, but the series is expected to span forty-four books by the time it is finished.

The adaptation, which will be known as The County Guides To Murder, will be a multi-part television series. Steve Thompson (Sherlock, Doctor Who) is on-board to to adapt the books. The series follows the idiosyncratic Swanton Morley, aka the People’s Professor, who is compiling a series of guides of the counties of England. Unfortunately, mysterious murders keep getting in the way of his academic endeavours.

“The County Guides reflect a growing appetite for a world that’s fading and dying. Much has already gone: the last veteran of the First World War, the last native Cornish speaker, the last hand-crafted piano-maker…”, said Steve Thompson. “Ian Sansom’s witty and inventive novels offer 21st century audiences who enjoy fetishising the past — from restoring old houses to collecting vintage cars and antiques — a journey though the traditions and crafts of the early 20th century, with the occasional puzzle to solve involving a corpse.”

“The Great British Bake Off would have been ridiculed in the 1970s — in that age of convenience, nobody was interested in old-fashioned baking. But we’re now fascinated by those skills and love the connection they give us to our past. And so it is with the County Guides to Murder”, added Foz Allan, Founder and CEO of Bryncoed Productions. “On the one hand, The County Guides are a topographical study of the folklore, crafts and traditions of 1930s England. On the other, they are immensely clever murder mysteries, inspired by the Golden Age of British detective fiction.”

This literary deal, which marks the first major literary option to be signed by Canterbury-based Bryncoed Productions, comes mere weeks after they hired NBCU veteran Emma Yap for a development push on new scripted projects.