Channel 4 Orders Tony Martin Drama ‘The Interrogation’, Steve Pemberton To Star

Channel 4 has given the green-light to The Interrogation, a one-off factual drama that is set to explore the “missing part” of the story of Tony Jordan, who who was sentenced to life after shooting dead 16 year old burglar Fred Barras in 1999. Whitechapel star Steve Pemberton is attached to star.

The Interrorgation charts the three days of police questioning following Martin’s arrest for shooting two burglars who broke into his farmhouse in 1999. At his trial Martin argued he had used reasonable force to defend himself and his property. His conviction provoked public outcry and the case became a national cause celebre.

Steve Pemberton will play Tony Martin. ”This is a fascinating story which divided public opinion at the time – and is currently even more poignant”, Pemberton said. “Now we finally get to hear the account directly from Tony Martin, I’m looking forward to being part of such a ground breaking drama.”

Joining him in the cast is Daniel Mays (Line of Duty, Born to Kill) and Stuart Graham (The Fall, Thirteen, Hunger). The Tony Martin case has become a talking point again of late, following the case of Richard Osborn-Brooks. Osborn-Brooks was arrested, but subsequently not charged, for murder after he stabbed and killed an intruder in his home earlier this month. Martin himself called for Osborn-Brooks to be released without charge shortly before the CPS declared that there would be no further action in the case.

The Interrogation is set up at Story Films and is being penned and directed by David Nath, the award winner behind The Murder Detectives and The Watchman. The commissioning editors are Rob Coldstream and John Hay Kate Cook is the producer, while Jonathan Smith and Peter Beard are the executive producers. “This is the missing part of an extraordinary story that captivated and divided the country”, Beard said. “Finally we will hear exactly what Tony Martin told detectives in the confines of a police interview room just hours after he was arrested. For the first time it’s his own account in his words.”