‘Justin Time Go!’ Sells To Germany & Italy

Justin Time Go! is heading to Germany and Italy.

The series, which is in fact the third season of Justin Time, has been sold to Super RTL in Germany and Turner’s Cartoonito channel in Italy. The new season comprises twenty-two eleven minute episodes and two twenty-two minute mini-movies.

Justin Time Go! follows Justin and his imaginary pals Olive and Squidgy. Together they travel to every corner of the world, as Justin’s imagination catapults them into larger-than-life adventures set in different points in history.

The agreements with Super RTL and Turner mark the two first two sales for Jet Pack Go!, following the exclusive broadcast window on Family Channel in Canada and Netflix globally. Guru Studios Executive Vice-President Mary Bredin secured the Super RTL deal, while the Cartoonito agreement was brokered by Dominic Gardiner, CEO of Jetpack Distribution. The series is now airing in over 190 countries and 20 languages around the world.

“We’re delighted to secure homes for this hugely popular global triumph! Justin’s adventures really capture the imagination of preschoolers enabling them to become part of exciting stories throughout history”, said Jetpack Distribution’s Chief Executive Officer Dominic Gardiner. “It has a universal appeal and we’re pleased to be presenting the third series at MIP.”