BBC One Releases Trailer For 'The Last Post' – TVWise

BBC One has released the trailer for their new Peter Moffat drama The Last Post, which is set to premiere next month.
The Last Post is set in the mid-1960s in the shimmering heat of Aden, Yemen, and centres on a unit of Royal Military Police officers and their families. Their job is two-fold: half soldiers and half policemen who face constant insurgency and threat. Danger is everywhere. Hand grenades, mines and sniper attacks are a constant threat.
The six episode series was created by Peter Moffat and is based on his childhood memories, his father’s life as an officer in the Royal Military Police and his mother’s struggle between being what the army required her to be and what she felt like being. The Last Post is being produced by Bonafide Films and The Forge and stars Jeremy Neumark Jones (One Of Us), Jessica Raine (Line Of Duty), Ben Miles (The Crown), Jessie Buckley (War and Peace), Amanda Drew (Broadchurch) and Stephen Campbell Moore (The Go-Between).
Check out the trailer below: