BBC One Unveils Trailer, First Look Images For ‘Gunpowder’

The BBC is offering a first glimpse of Gunpowder. BBC One has released the first trailer and a number of first look images for the three-part drama about the gunpowder plot which hails from and stars Game Of Thrones‘ Kit Harrington.

Gunpowder explores the true story behind the legend, including the fact that it was not Guy Fawkes but Robert Catesby who devised the plot. This fast-paced 17th century thriller delves into the history behind the plot’s evolution, the selection of the team to carry it out, the gathering of the resources, and the obstacles they came up against. It follows both the gunpowder plotters and Robert Cecil, the spymaster-in-chief of King James I whose network of spies pursues them in a cat and mouse game.

The three-parter was developed for television by Ronan Bennett, Kit Harington and Daniel West and was penned by Top Boy scribe Ronan Bennett. it is being produced by Endemol Shine’s Kudos in association with Thriker Films and stars Kit Harington, Liv Tyler, Mark Gatiss, Peter Mullan, Tom Cullen, Edward Holcroft, Shaun Dooley and Robert Emms. The executive producers are Ollie Madden for Kudos and Matthew Read for the BBC. Kit Harington and Daniel West are co-executive producers for Thriker Films. Laurie Borg is producing, while J Blakeson (The Disappearance of Alice Creed) is the director. Gunpowder will air on Saturday nights this autumn on BBC One

The trailer follows a trail of gunpowder into a cellar where Guy Fawkes sits in wait. Though Fawkes first appears to be alone, the camera pans round to reveal that behind him stands Robert Catesby, the plot’s key mastermind and driving force. Revealed as the trailer’s narrator, Catesby describes his current situation and outlines his now famous plan to destroy the King and Parliament on 5 November, before delivering his final words directly into camera. The first look images feature Kit Harington as Catesby, Liv Tyler as Catesby’s cousin Lady Anne Vaux, who becomes embroiled in the plot, and Edward Holcroft as fellow conspirator Thomas Wintour.

You can check out the trailer and the images below: