Netflix UK Sets Premiere Date For 'Rake' Season 4 – TVWise

The fourth season of Australian drama series Rake will receive its UK premiere on Netflix UK on Saturday July 1st, when all eight episodes will be available to stream.
Created by Peter Duncan, Richard Roxburgh, and Charles Waterstreet, Rake follows Cleaver Greene, a brilliant but self destructive criminal defence barrister based in Sydney, Australia. The series is produced for Australian public broadcaster ABC by Essential Media & Entertainment and stars Richard Roxburgh, Russell Dykstra, Danielle Cormack, Matt Day, Adrienne Pickering, Caroline Brazier, Kate Box, Keegan Joyce and Damien Garvey.
In the show’s fourth season, Cleaver Greene, last seen dangling from a balloon drifting across the Sydney skyline, crashes back to earth – literally and metaphorically, when he’s propelled through a harbourside window into the unwelcoming embrace of chaos past. Fleeing certain revenge, Cleaver hightails it to a quiet country town, the reluctant member of a congregation led by a stern, decent reverend and his flirtatious daughter. Before long Cleaver’s being chased back to Sin City. But Sydney has become a dark place: terrorist threats and a loss of faith in authority have seen it take a turn towards the dystopian. When Cleaver finally emerges, he will be accompanied by a Mistress of the Black Arts, navigating a yellow brick road leading straight to our dark corridors of power.
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