Archive Sets UK Premiere Date For ‘Grimm’ Season 6 – TVWise

The sixth and final season of NBC’s supernatural drama series Grimm will receive its UK premiere on UKTV’s W channel on Tuesday February 14th at 9pm, it has been announced.
Created by Stephen Carpenter, David Greenwalt & Jim Kouf, Grimm follows Portland Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt who, after discovering that he is s descended from an elite line of criminal profilers known as ‘Grimms’, finds his responsibilities as a detective at odds with his new responsibilities as a Grimm. The drama series is produced by Universal Television and stars David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell, Reggie Lee, Sasha Roiz, Claire Coffee, Bitsie Tulloch and Bree Turner.
In the show’s sixth season, now that the nefarious forces of Black Claw have been silenced, Nick faces an all too familiar foe in Capt. Sean Renard. Having gained a seat of power as the mayor elect of Portland, Renard is poised to bring rise to his own brand of law and order. Nick must take a stand to protect his city and those closest to him, especially his child with Adalind. It will take the full force of Nick and his allies to find a way to bring peace.
Meanwhile, Monroe and Rosalee grapple with bringing a child into a new and tumultuous world, and Eve faces unsettling identity issues as her former self lurks below the surface.
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