PBS America Unveils Presidential Election Coverage Plans, Slots ‘The Choice’ For October Premiere

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PBS America has unveiled their coverage plans for the 2016 US presidential election, which, after a grueling almost two-year campaign, takes place on Tuesday November 8th.

Once again, the channel will be offering in-depth coverage of events in these final two months of the campaign. PBS America will be carrying each of the three presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as the vice-presidential debate between democrat Tim Kaine and republican Mike Pence, in prime-time, the day after they initially air on the major broadcast and cable news networks in the United States.

There will also be a wealth of documentaries, thematically linked to either the candidates themselves or the presidency, airing on the channel between now and November. Said documentaries include the four-part American Experience series Clinton, about Bill Clinton’s eight years in the oval; The White House, which celebrates the 200-year history of the White House through the stories of the first families who have called it home; as well a number of documentaries on various presidential assassinations.

But the cornerstone of PBS America’s coverage will be The Choice, a feature-length interwoven investigative biography of both presidential candidates, from the team behind the award winning Frontline. PBS in the U.S. has been producing The Choice for every single presidential election since 1988. The 2016 edition, directed by Michael Kirk, will premiere on October 9th and takes a close look at where the candidates came from, how they lead and why they want to take on the highest office in the land. This is achieved by drawing on dozens of interviews from those who know the candidates best, as well as authors, journalists, and political insiders.

“Both Clinton and Trump have been public figures for most of their lives — in fact, they’ve been active in public life on television for decades”, Kirk said. “But we’ve undertaken the most ambitious television biographies of these candidates ever created, going beyond the headlines they’ve generated and the personas they’ve created to explore what has made them who they are as people and as politicians. After watching The Choice 2016, no matter where your allegiance lies, you’ll come away with a new and richer understanding of who the opposing candidates are, and how and why he or she has reached this point.”

Full details of PBS America’s presidential election coverage follows below:

pbs-election-2016Tuesday, September 27th

9pm – First Presidential Debate

Monday, October 3rd

10:15pm – Clinton (Part 1)

Tuesday, October 4th

10:15pm – Clinton (Part 2)

Wednesday, October 5th

9pm – Vice-Presidential Debate

Thursday, October 6th

10:15pm – Clinton (Part 3)

Friday, October 7th

10:15pm – Clinton (Part 4)

Sunday, October 9th

2:15pm – JFK: Eyewitness To History

8pm – The Choice 2016

10:20pm – JFK & LBJ: A Time For Greatness

Monday, October 10th

9pm – Second Presidential Debate

Tuesday, October 11th

9pm – The White House

Thursday, October 20th

9pm – Third Presidential Debate

Thursday, October 27th

7:50pm – Mount Rushmore

Friday, October 28th

7:50pm – Lincoln’s Last Day

9pm – The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln

Saturday, October 29th

10pm – The American Dream Today

Tuesday, November 1st

10:15pm – The Murder Of A President

Tuesday, November 8th

9pm – The Choice 2016 (Encore)