Bryan Fuller’s ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ To Be Set In Prime Universe, Ten Years Prior To ‘The Original Series’

Star Trek Discovery - USS DiscoveryAfter months of deafening silence, Bryan Fuller, speaking at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, has revealed the first solid details about Star Trek: Discovery.

First up, the series, which has received an order for thirteen episodes, will be part of the so-called “prime universe” – namely the continuity that includes Star Trek: The Original SeriesStar Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: Deep Space NineStar Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise – rather than the alternate universe that exists in the current series of feature films from JJ Abrams.

Bryan Fuller also revealed that Discovery will be set ten years before Kirk’s five year mission and will “bridge the gap” between Star Trek: Enterprise and The Original SeriesDiscovery will open with an “incident in Star Trek history that has been talked about, but never explored before”. Fuller also fielded several questions on what said event might be, but would not be drawn out on the issue; though he did deny that it was either the Romulan War or anything connected to shadowy organisation Section 31.

As TVWise reported earlier this eveningDiscovery will feature a diverse, female lead and Fuller went on to state that she is not the captain of the USS Discovery, but a lieutenant commander. She goes on a journey”, he said. “To understand aliens, she has to understand herself”. The main cast will also feature a gay character and while the first season will have a focus on new characters, there is a chance for fan favorites from The Original Series to “drop in” further down the line.