Courtney B. Vance Joins TNT’s Modern Day Civil War Drama Pilot As NYPD Commissioner

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Fresh off of his star turn as famed attorney Johnnie Cochran is FX’s The People Vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, Courtney B. Vance has been tapped for a lead role in Civil, TNT’s hour-long drama pilot in which the United States devolves into a modern day Civil War as a result of the increased polarization in US politics.

From Allen Coulter and Scott Smith, Civil takes place in the wake of a hotly contested Presidential election, as America finds itself plunging uncontrollably into a modern day Civil War. The series weaves together the personal stories of citizens from all walks of life, whose actions – amplified in an age of instant media – add fuel to the conflict and affect the fate of the entire country.

Vance will play New York City Police Commissioner John Thorne, an old-school, law-and-order cop who’s unabashedly tough, with one newspaper dubbing him “Iron John.” As the nation’s unrest spreads to New York City, Thorne reacts with increasingly extreme measures, gradually assuming near-dictatorial power over the city he’s sworn to serve and protect.

Toby JonesAdditionally, Harry Potter and Wayward Pines star Toby Jones has also been cast in Civil and will play shock-jock host Otis O’Dell, host of The Otis O’Dell Show. A Brit who has taken American citizenship, Otis prides  himself on being more red-white-and-blue than most “native born” Americans. Brian D’Arcy James (Spotlight, Smash) will also guest-star in the pilot as Graham Beller, a very capable, reasonable but long-suffering news producer and sometimes wrangler.

Vance, Jones and D’Arcy James are the latest actors to board Civil. They join a cast that is being led by Enrique Murciano (Without A Trace), who plays GOP nominee and Speaker of the House of Representatives Juan Reyes; and also includes The West Wing’s Bradley Whitford as Grant Taylor, the Vice-President of the United States who was the presidential nominee for the democratic party in the recent election.