Channel 4 Picks Up 'My Floating Home' For Daytime Schedule – TVWise

Channel 4 is adding to their daytime schedule with My Floating Home, a seven episode series hosted by Mark Evans which hails from Windfall Films and Remedy Canada, TVWise has learned.
My Floating Home explores the growing trend of people leaving land-locked suburbia in pursuit of the dream of owning and living in the ultimate waterside home. But, with traditional waterfront properties hard to come by and coming with a hefty price tag, these people are going it alone and commissioning their own waterborne homes.
Moored along riverbanks and marinas and boasting stunning views anchored in locations in the UK and across the world, sales of floating homes are booming. Each episode of My Floating Home will follow families and couples as they build and furnish their own floating home, capturing the process and drama from start to finish.
“With the ever increasing popularity of these exceptional homes, this series is an interesting, entertaining and insightful look at the process, challenges and results of making the dream a reality, capturing all of the drama along the way”, said Channel 4’s Head of Daytime David Sayer.
My Floating Home is set up a co-production between international indie Windfall Films and Vancouver based production company Remedy Canada. Andrew Barron is the series producer. The executive producers are Carlo Massarellla for Windfall Films and Toby Dormer for Remedy Canada. The series was commissioned by Channel 4’s David Sayer.
“Breathing new life into the lifestyle genre, this series captures the characters, stories and journeys of a growing community who are shunning life on land to follow their dreams and build their own floating dream homes”, added Carlo Massarella, Creative Director and executive producer for Windfall Films.