Andrew Collins Brings 'Telly Addict' To UKTV – TVWise

Some two months after The Guardian announced that they would no longer be producing TV review show Telly Addict, critic and host Andrew Collins has brought the format to UKTV. The multi-channel broadcaster will now produce ten minute episodes of Telly Addict, which will be made available on their YouTube channel.
Telly Addict episodes run ten minutes long and see Andrew deliver engaging insight and opinion on and eclectic range of television shows. The show previous ran on The Guardian for five years, producing 249 episodes, before it was cancelled earlier this year due to budget cuts at the newspaper.
Along with the move to UKTV, the company’s Head of Consumer Communications Justine Bower will now serve as the executive producer, while UKTV’s Senior Digital Press Office Manager Dave Barnsby will produce. Publicity Producer Matt Hemes films the new episodes, which are made available on UKTV’s YouTube channel every Tuesday.
“I’m thrilled to be continuing with Telly Addict under the protective wing of UKTV, whose original output, especially in comedy, has long been on my watchlist”, Collins said. “It began life as a column in Word magazine ten years ago, and it feels oddly subversive that it should finally arrive at a company that makes TV! I hope new and existing supporters will join me for a chat on YouTube every Tuesday.”
Additionally. in a post on his website, where the move to UKTV was first announced, Andrew Collins sought to allay fears about editorial independence. “I will only be reviewing new or returning or ‘event’ shows that I might have reviewed on Telly Addict anyway, and I have 100% editorial independence”, he said. “Frankly, if I don’t like a new sitcom on Gold, I won’t cover it”.
“As a company that’s passionate about television we jumped at the opportunity to give Telly Addict a new home on our network”, said Justine Bower. “We love that Andrew’s reviews reflect the craft of television and he has grown an engaged and informed community around it over the past five years. For us it’s about being part of the cultural conversation around TV shows.”
UKTV’s decision to produce new episodes of Telly Addict fits in with their strategy to increase the range of exclusive short-form content on their YouTube channel and comes mere weeks after the broadcaster unveiled their spoof-lecture series Dave Talks, which is also available on YouTube. UKTV are also actively pushing their on-demand hub UKTV Play with a first-of-its-kind marketing campaign.
“We’ve always been big Telly Addict fans so the brief to Andrew was to continue exactly what he has been doing; talking about the best TV on each week in his own inimitable and knowledgeable way”, added Dave Barnsby. “We’re excited to be able to continue our YouTube evolution with Andrew by providing more original shortform content for our viewers to enjoy and complementing our longform programmes available for free on our video on demand service, UKTV Play.”