Note From The Editor: Lets Call It A 5 Month Leave Of Absence – TVWise

Hi Everyone,
As you know I took the past several months to finish up a side project that had been on the back-burner, and to take a look at the various opportunities offered to me, including moving into other areas of the industry and taking my reporting to other ‘legacy’ titles.
This was something that was given a lot of thought but upon reflection, advice from key contacts, some soul searching and after securing a new round of investment, I have decided to revive TVWise in all of its glory (though I will be taking vacations this go around; as it turns out four+ years with not time off is a recipe for burn out, who knew?).
With our new partners the intention is to grow TVWise into a more formidable brand to take on the legacy publications I very nearly defected to. It will be a long road but one we are very much committed to. As we have teased on social media, the site will be up and fully functioning once again on June 1st.
Patrick Munn,
Founder & Editor In Chief, TVWise