Note From The Editor: TVWise Is Back; Here’s Where We Stand

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And we’re back. Some five months after I took some time to evaluate the future, TVWise is back and in full operation.

Back in December, when I decided to take the time to evaluate the many offers that were open to me and announced that we were to cease editorial operations, our readers were quite vocal with their displeasure at said decision.

In a lot of ways my desire to take the time was due to, for lack of a better term, burn out. I had been working 15 hour days, 7 days a week, since we launched in January 2012. I took one vacation in all that time. It was a work schedule that had a knock on effect on my health. Something had to change.

And so after taking some much needed time off, I started looking at where I might land next. Over the subsequent weeks and months, I carefully looked at the offers from other trades and more consumer focussed organisations. But after reviewing all the offers, I discovered two things. 1) I found I was missing the frenetic pace of TVWise and 2) my independent streak was far stronger than my desire to jump in at an established ‘legacy’ publication.

I was branded insane by close friends when I confessed to having a desire to bring the site back, re-dedicate myself to it and ultimately growing it into a brand that can comprehensively compete with the very competitors I nearly defected to.

As I briefed contacts in recent weeks about my decision to bring TVWise back, I was faced with a litany of questions (“Why?”, “Will you be doing everything the same?”, “What’s going to change?”). So I will do my best to address them here and make clear what we will and will not do.

By and large the question of why has been resolved above.

As to the other remaining questions, our coverage will remain more or less the same. At a time when several sites are chasing more traffic with Buzzfeed style pieces, TVWise will stick to our strict policy of reporting only relevant news and delivering great features, not pursuing tenuous gossipy stories about the personal lives of celebs. Likewise, our comments section will not be going anywhere.

Our key area of specialization, acquisitions, will remain at the very forefront of what we do here at TVWise. After all, It became clear during my time off that there was a lot of interest in my unique reporting on US acquisitions coming to the UK; so why take that somewhere else?

I do intend to boost our UK coverage and the number of interviews we do both with industry executives and talent. There will be some coverage of feature films, but it will be extremely limited and only extend to franchises/properties rooted in TV – Star Trek is a good example. It’s also worth noting, that as we move forward I will be taking vacation time in the years ahead to avoid a repeat of the burn out I noted above (don’t worry I’ll try to keep it to a minimum!)

Also, as I’ve sat out this development cycle we wont be covering what’s left of the Upfronts this year, nor will I be directly covering the LA Screenings; though there will be a number of interviews with acquisitions managers from the numerous UK broadcasters in the coming weeks/months.

With that let me just add a thank you note to everyone who has reached out – from publicists, to readers, senior executives and everyone in between – to not only encourage our return, but offer your full support.

And with that, let’s get back to work!

Patrick Munn,
Editor In Chief, TVWise