‘Limitless’ Done At CBS, Series Being Shopped To Other Networks

Limitless has run its course at CBS.

Notably, the feature film reboot was left in limbo last week as the network made calls on all of their other freshman series, by handing out renewals to the likes of Code BlackCriminal Minds: Beyond Borders and Life In Pieces; and pulling the plug on Rush Hour. Officially, the show has not been cancelled yet, but is now effectively done at CBS.

Fans shouldn’t despair just yet, however, as series producer CBS Television Studios, with the support of the network, is shopping Limitless to other networks. “Right now we’re in discussions with other potential buyers”, CBS President Glenn Geller confirmed to reporters.

It is understood that the studio is focussing on streaming outlets, with Netflix and Hulu considered the most likely buyers, as there is limited shelf space at rival broadcast networks and a move to cable would be near impossible, given the high production costs. While a “Netflix move” is a common refrain for cancelled series, Limitless is in a unique position as it has not been officially cancelled and pulls in solid ratings, making it appealing to potential suitors.

If CBS Television Studios is able to find a new home for Limitless, it would be the second of CBS’ freshman entries from the 2015-2016 season to find a second life elsewhere. Earlier this month, it was announced that the Warner Bros. Television produced Supergirl would move to CBS corporate sibling The CW for a second season, joining a roster of superhero shows at that network which includes ArrowThe Flash and DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow.