TV Trailer: BBC Two’s ‘A Gert Lush Christmas’

A Gert Lush ChristmasBBC Two has released a trailer for Russell Howard’s one-off festive comedy-drama A Gert Lush Christmas, which is set to premiere on Boxing Day (Saturday December 26th) at 9pm.

Penned by Russell Howard and Steve Williams, A Gert Lush Christmas follows Dan Colman, a regular guy who is about to introduce the woman of his dreams, Lisa, to his crazy but loveable west country family. With his fitness-obsessed Dad, party animal Uncle Tony, wonderfully inappropriate brother Jake and lovely but utterly bonkers mum, what could possibly go wrong?

The one-off comedy drama is being produced by Avalon Television and stars Russel Howard as Dan Colman. Other cast members include Neil Morrisey (Men Behaving Badly, Waterloo Road) as Dan’s Dad, Greg Davies (The Inbetweeners, Man Down) as Uncle Tony, Sophie Thompson (EastEnders) as Dan’s Mum, Hanna Britland (Scrotal Recall) as Dan’s girlfriend Lisa, newcomer Dougie McMeekin as Dan’s brother Jake, and Russell’s sister Kerry Howard (Him & Her, I Give it A Year) as Julie.

Check out the trailer below: