Syfy UK Acquires ‘Stormageddon’, ‘The X-Files: I Want To Believe’ & ‘Scavengers’

Syfy UK is adding three films to their line-up for November.

The NBCU backed broadcaster has acquired the UK broadcast rights to disaster movie Stormageddon, sci-fi feature film Scavengers and the second The X-Files feature film I Want To Believe after agreeing deals with a number of distributors. Stormageddon and Scavengers have never aired on UK television before, while The X-Files: I Want To Believe has aired numerous times on Sky Movies and Channel 4.

StormageddonStormageddon, from CineTel Films, sees NSA surveillance system Echelon take over America’s entire online and infrastructure systems. Hacking into DARPA, Echelon gains the ability to manipulate the weather, create earthquakes, and cause a level of destruction unlike anything the country could ever imagine. But how do you stop a computer program when it has control over any and every defense you have? The cast includes John Hennigan, Eve Mauro and Joseph Gatt. Nick Lyon directed the pic.

Penned by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz, The X-Files: I Want To Believe was released in 2008 and saw former FBI agents Mulder (David Dvchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) recalled to the Bureau to assist on a missing persons case. Along the way, the duo bumped into a priest, played by Billy Connolly, who was defrocked for paedophilia; and their former boss Assistant Director Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi). Xzibit and Amanda Peet also star. Syfy UK’s acquisition of the second film comes mere month before Fox in the U.S. is set to premiere a six episode revival series, which is expected to air in Sky1 in the UK.

ScavengersScavengers follows a team of inter-galactic uncover alien technology which could upset the galactic balance of power, leading them to become the targets of powerful rivals as they seek to capitalise on their find. The feature-film hails from Image Entertainment and stars Jeremy London, John Lee Ames, Roark Critchlow and Sean Patrick Flanery. Though available on DVD, Scavengers did not get a theatrical release in the UK nor has it aired on television before now.

Scavengers will premiere on Syfy UK on Tuesday November 10th at 10pm, Stormageddon will air on Wednesday November 18th at 10pm, while The X-Files: I Want To Believe will follow on Wednesday November 25th 10pm. Other films on Syfy UK’s schedule for November include Halo: Forward Unto Dawn (Wednesday November 4th) , Lake Placid 2 (Friday November 6th), Titan A.E. (Sunday November 8th, 4pm) and Phone Booth (Monday November 9th, 9pm).