‘Major Crimes’ Boss James Duff On Show’s Future: “I Feel Confident About Season Five”

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Major Crimes - False PretensesAs one of TNT’s highest rated series with more than ten million viewers, Major Crimes has always snagged early renewals from the network.

That is until this year, when the show finished its summer run without an official pick up from the network. Instead, TNT brass opted to extend the show’s current run with a five episode back order, bringing season four to a total of 23 episodes.

Rather than being viewed as a signal of confidence from TNT, rumours began to spread, almost immediately, that perhaps this was the network’s way of winding down the show in lieu of ordering a fifth season. But is there any truth to those rumours? To get an answer, TVWise recently spoke to Major Crimes creator and showrunner James Duff about the show’s future.

“No, this is not TNT winding the show down at all”, Duff said. “It is TNT not having any content to run between the end of Rizzoli & Isles winter season and basketball and needing something that they knew could get delivered right away. It was something they asked for while we were still very much in production and before we had run out of time to figure out what we wanted to do with these stories.”

Furthermore, TVWise understands that TNT is presently in talks with Warner Bros. Television to pick up a fifth season of Major Crimes, with an official decision expected to come down in the next few weeks. Part of the holdup is that TNT has not set much of their line-up for next year, meaning that the network does not yet have a clear picture of how many episodes of Major Crimes they would need to order for next season, which in turn effects costs and budget (owing to amortisation).

“I feel confident about season five”, Duff adds. “It’s a matter of one division of Time Warner negotiating with another division of Time Warner. If we had a deal in place, like Rizzoli & Isles already had a deal in place, we would be picked up. It is a purely business situation. It’s business affairs at the network, dealing with business affairs at the studio and the best thing we can do at Major Crimes is stand completely out of the way while they figure it out”.