Arrow Media To Produce ‘Survival In The Skies’ For Smithsonian Channel, TCB Media Rights Secures First Pre-Sales

Survival In The SkiesIndependent production company Arrow Media has secured a commission from US network Smithsonian Channel which will see them produce a three-part factual titled Survival In The Skies.

Survival In The Skies chronicles the breakthroughs, turning points, triumphs and disasters in aviation and space technology over the past several decades that enabled the conquest of the skies. Across the three episodes, the series will use expert interviews, rare archive footage, eye witness accounts and CGI re-enactments to shine a spotlight on three key inventions: the space suit, the ejector seat and the parachute.

“Arrow Media has deep roots in aviation and space programming and we wanted to build on that expertise to bring the little-known stories of these inventions, which have allowed pilots and astronauts to fly ever higher and faster, but safer”, said Executive Producer Nick Metcalfe. “From the astronaut who faced drowning inside his own space suit to the pilot who ejected at supersonic speed and survived – these are stories of amazing courage, as well as brilliant ingenuity.

“Arrow is unrivalled in its ability to blend drama, technology and exceptional visual storytelling into one compelling package”, added Smithsonian Channel’s Executive Vice President David Royle, who commissioned the series alongside Chris Hoelzl. “Quite simply, they make programmes that soar – enabling us to attract a broad audience that transcends the aviation enthusiast.”

TCB Media Rights will be handling international distribution for Survival In The Skies and will be taking the three-part series to MIPCOM in October. Ahead of that, TCB has already secured pre-sales for the three-parter with international broadcasters Discovery, RMC Decouverte and N24. “The presales came through for this glorious series as it has a strong human angle mixed with fantastic interviews and breath-taking archive, said TCB’s Paul Heaney. “This is what you call an evergreen show, and Arrow Media excel at it.”