Channel 5 Acquires UK Rights To The CW’s ‘Penn & Teller: Fool Us’

Penn Teller Fool UsPenn & Teller: Fool Us is returning to the UK. Channel 5 has acquired the exclusive first run UK broadcast rights to the 13 episode second season of the magic show after striking a deal with international distributor DCD Rights, TVWise has learned.

Penn & Teller: Fool Us is a magic series hosted by Jonathan Ross in which aspiring magicians are invited to perform their best trick to try and fool the world-famous team of Penn & Teller. Anyone who succeeds wins the right to perform with Penn & Teller in their celebrated show at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. 117 Productions and September Films are producing.

Fool Us first aired in the UK on ITV, who commissioned the series before ultimately deciding not to move forward with a second run. US network The CW subsequently acquired the first season from DCD and after it pulled in strong ratings they green-lit a 13 part second season, which is currently airing in the United States. Channel 5 will air season two under the title Penn & Teller: Fool Us In Vegas.

“I’m delighted to announce Penn & Teller: Fool Us in Vegas for Channel 5”, said Katie Keenan, Head of Acquisitions for Channel 5 and VIMN UK, who brokered the deal with DCD Rights. “The public’s appetite for this magical duo has never abated. Pair them with Jonathan Ross in a glamourous Vegas setting and you have event TV at its best.’