TLC UK Orders Miscarriage Documentary 'First Heartbeat' – TVWise

Shortly after picking up a new documentary series fronted by Jodie Marsh, TLC UK has ordered a one-off documentary, titled First Heartbeat, which follows Lisa Francesca Nand and David Kirk’s journey as they attempt to overcome a number of miscarriages and undergo medical treatments to start to build their family.
First Heartbeat opens with Lisa, a freelance TV producer and presenter, sat in hospital cradling her second child, a new-born baby boy. It then winds back the clock to chart the couple’s journey up until this point – through the pregnancy tests, tears, drug therapy and finally success. The self shot documentary is set to premiere on TLC UK this Autumn. The executive producer is Mark Procter.
“There is a daunting silence surrounding miscarriage despite the desperate grief it causes. It feels like there’s something almost embarrassing about it. It shouldn’t be a taboo”, said Lisa. “We need to be able to talk about miscarriage and the work still to be done to make sure people get the support they need. That is why I wanted to share our story, and the story of many.”
“Lisa and David’s story of love, life and loss ultimately brings hope in what is an inspiring and life affirming documentary”, added Sarah Thornton, TLC’s VP of Production and Development, who commissioned the one-off after being approached by Lisa at Sheffield Doc/Fest last year. “It is a remarkable and unique self-shot film by a loving, positive couple who are going against convention to share their deeply emotional and personal experience.”