Upfronts 2015: First Look At ABC’s ‘Uncle Buck’

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TVWise continues our Upfronts coverage with a first look at ABC’s new comedy series Uncle Buck.

Based on the feature film of the same name, Uncle Buck (Mike Epps) is still an irresponsible man-child. He recently got fired from his job at the mall and his girlfriend has kicked him out. Needing a place to stay, he calls his brother, Will, the stable one in the family.  He’s married to Alexis (Nia Long) and they have three children, 5-year-old Maizy who’s the dreamer, 9-year-old Miles who likes to stir the pot, and 16-year-old Tia who is the straight A student and trying to get rid of her nerdy image. Their fifth and most recent Nanny called them “demon children” before she quit. Desperate for a babysitter, Will and Alexis invite Uncle Buck to stay for the weekend so they can take their business trip.  They leave a long list of instructions and hope that everyone will be alive when they get back.

Uncle Buck’s kidlike personality is almost an asset in this situation, as he can relate to his nephew and nieces. He is usually a step ahead of them keeping them out of trouble, and keeping Tia away from Jordan, the school gigolo. True, this dreamer and schemer brought the kids to a bar to sell questionable TVs to a questionable buyer, but it all sort of worked out okay. When Will and Alexis rush back early from their trip, worried, they hear the fire alarm.  But it is only Uncle Buck making the biggest pancake in the world.  They see that everyone looks like they are having fun.  Their kids haven’t sent him packing and he’s managed to keep them alive and well.  Maybe he’s the ‘Manny’ they’ve needed all along and perhaps they are the answer to his problems. James Lesure, Iman Benson, Sayeed Shahidi and Aalyrah Caldwell also star.

Check out the trailer below: