Upfronts 2015: First Look At ABC’s New Shonda Rhimes Drama ‘The Catch’

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TVWise continues our Upfronts coverage with a first look at ABC’s new drama series The Catch.

From Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers and Jennifer Schuur The Catch is a new thriller centered on the strong successful, Alice Martin (Mirelle Enos). She’s a fraud investigator, fighting crime by the numbers and exposing embezzlers, money launderers and even cartels. Alice is a partner in a Los Angeles firm and attracts top clients, which affords her a nice lifestyle she shares with her fiancé, Kieran (Damon Dayoub).  They are getting married soon and about to buy their dream house.A big case takes her on a first class flight to Japan where she engages a suspected embezzler. But it’s not all that it seems and Alice uses her honed skills, and help from her junior associates, Maria and James, to uncover the truth behind the numbers.

On the personal side, this ace investigator has her own blind spot–Kieran. Her fiancé disappears with a valuable painting and two million dollars from her bank account. With her marriage off and her bank account drained, Alice is determined to find Kieran and the truth. Even worse, if her clients find out that this fraud investigator was a fraud victim herself, it could mean the end of her career. What Alice doesn’t yet know is that Kieran is married and he and his wife are running scams on unsuspecting women. Yet when Kieran can still get out of town, he decides to stay–Alice has gotten under his skin. The twists and turns mount as the FBI uncovers some of Alice’s own secrets. Jay Hayden, Jacky Ido, Bethany Joy Lenz, Rose Rollins and Elvy Yost also star.

Check out the trailer below: