Upfronts 2015: First Look At ABC's 'Of Kings And Prophets' – TVWise

TVWise continues our Upfronts coverage with a first look at ABC’s new drama series Of Kings & Prophets.
From Adam Cooper, Bill Collage and ABC Studios, Of Kings & Prophets is an epic biblical saga that begins during the reign of Saul, first King of Israel — and follows his dramatic fall from grace and the rise of his successor, David. Living in the land of milk and honey isn’t easy when enemies circle on all sides. Circumstance has pushed King Saul (Ray Winstone) into countless wars to defend his reign and brought him to the edge of madness — so much so, that he even threatens to kill his son Jonathan who he fears is a traitor. But there are indeed real enemies at every gate — among them, the Amalekites. God’s prophet, Samuel, demands that King Saul kill every Amalekite man, woman and child. The King, now war weary, does not want to go into battle once more, but Samuel insists that he must destroy them to save his crown.
In the meantime, shepherd David is upset that a lion who prowls the wilderness has decimated his flock. Because of this, he cannot deliver on the monthly tithe his family owes to King Saul’s wife, Queen Ahinoam. The Queen however, is willing to barter with this handsome shepherd. After all, her husband has never been loyal to her, taking up with other women and fathering their children. David finds new confidence when he uses his cunning to defeat the lion, despite the lion’s superior strength. He secures his flock of sheep and the safety of his people, and in so doing, proves his ability to lead. In battle with the Amalekites, Jonathan saves his father King Saul’s life and proves his loyalty. But when Saul spares the life of the Amalekite king, Samuel predicts that a new king will dethrone Saul.
Check out the trailer below:
A biblical saga of faith, ambition, & betrayal. See the trailer for ABC’s #OfKingsAndProphets now: https://t.co/t0rRSAWQQr
— Of Kings & Prophets (@KingsProphets) May 12, 2015