Upfronts 2015: First Look At ABC's 'Dr. Ken' – TVWise

TVWise continues our Upfronts coverage with a first look at ABC’s new comedy series Dr. Ken.
From Ken Jeong, Jared Stern and Mike O’Connell, Dr Ken. follows Dr. Ken Park (Ken Jeong), a brilliant physician with no bedside manner. He calls an overweight patient ‘fat’ and dismisses patients’ opinions about their own health as wrong. But he gets away with it because this #3 general practitioner in LA’s San Fernando Valley is usually right. The person he vexes most at work is his clinic’s manager and money guy Pat (Dave Foley). This former Circuit City manager doesn’t see much difference between electronics and patients–he only sees dollar signs– and wishes Dr. Ken would prioritize profits over patients, like he does. Keeping him sane at home is his wife, Allison (Suzy Nakamura), an artist turned therapist who has a Zen approach to her husband’s crazy-making. She’ll stand back and enjoy a Dr. Ken train wreck instead of trying to stop him or criticize him.
Ken and Allison have two children. 16-year-old Molly is testing every boundary like she should. 9-year-old Dave (Albert Tsai) is super-smart and adorable. However, he’s about to commit social suicide by miming Katy Perry’s “Roar” in the upcoming school talent show. At work, Ken’s posse helps him interpret Molly’s cryptic texts, which he has secretly obtained. They convince Dr. Ken to install the questionable DaughterTracker app to see where she goes. When they find out she is, in fact, at the rave, Hector gives Dr. Ken a ridiculous makeover in order to help him get into the club, find Molly, and take her home. But Dr. Ken’s plans to help the kids escalate into near disaster both in the club with Molly and onstage at the talent show with Dave. But it’s just like Dr. Ken to do whatever it takes to be a good dad and a good doctor. And Allison will be there for him when his well-placed intentions go wrong. The Sony Pictures Television and ABC Studios comedy also stars Tisha Campbell-Martin, Jonathan Slavin and Krista Marie Yu.
Check out the trailer below:
He was a doctor and now he plays one on TV! @KenJeong stars in ABC’s upcoming comedy, #DrKen: https://t.co/yeeicyYdLC
— Dr. Ken (@DrKenABC) May 12, 2015