UKTV’s Dave Channel Orders Jason Manford Fronted Entertainment Format ‘The Money Pit’

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Jason ManfordUKTV’s Dave channel is adding to their line-up of original series with The Money Pit, a new entertainment format hosted by Jason Manford which “taps into the popular trend of crowd-funding”. Production begins later this year for a 2016 premiere.

The Money Pit sees ordinary people risk their own money – up to £20 000 –  as they invest in the bright ideas and small businesses of hopeful entrepreneurs. In return for their investment, they’ll either get a share of the company or a special reward. Investors can change their minds right up to the end of each episode, when there will be frantic, last minute movements of money as the crowd flocks to one entrepreneur and abandons another.

“I’m inviting all those people with some spare cash that they’re thinking of hiding under the mattress, or sticking on the 3.15 at Haydock Park to join me in The Money Pit instead”, he said. “It’s their chance to invest in real life entrepreneurs who could make them serious money. Who knows, if they back the right one they might be able to buy a race horse of their own – or a really big mattress!”

The new entertainment format was commissioned by UKTV’s Commissioning Editor Catherin Catton and is being produced by Liberty Bell Television, with Pat Doyle serving as the series producer. Michele Carlisle and Jamie Isaacs executive produce. “We are thrilled to be working with Jason Manford who will bring wit, warmth and energy to this interesting new show that seeks to bring the excitement and jeopardy of crowd-funding to life” said Catton.

For it’s part The Money Pit is the latest original commission for Dave, who have been at the fore-front, alongside Gold and Watch, of UKTV’s push into original series. Recent original commissions for Dave have included Taskmaster, Storage Hunters UK, Hoff The Record and Undercover. The channel, which remains the UK’s number one non-PSB channel, also recently picked up two new seasons of Red Dwarf.

“It’s exciting to launch a new entertainment format which combines intelligence with Dave’s witty humour to deliver a series which our audience will love”, added Dave’s General Manager Steve North. “We have had a huge success with original series on Dave with commissions like Dave Gorman Modern Life is Goodish and Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled coming back again and again.”