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Galaxy Quest: The Series?
Paramount Television are reportedly developing a TV series based on the hit 1999 comedy film starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman and Tony Shalhoub, which was produced as something of a parody of the Star Trek feature film franchise.
From DreamWorks Pictures, Galaxy Quest followed the cast of cult (and quickly cancelled) science-fiction series who. while doing the convention circuit, come into contact with an Alien race called the Thermians. Before long the cast finds themselves on a real spaceship and must save the Thermian’s from an enemy who will stop at nothing to annihilate them.
Per Deadline, the creative team behind the film are working with Paramount Television on the series concept, which has not yet been taken out the broadcast, cable or internet networks. Writer Robert Gordon is expected to pen the script and will executive produce alongside Melissa Bernstein, Galaxy Guest producer Mark Johnson and helmer Dean Parisot.
It is not immediately clear if the Galaxy Quest series will be a reboot or more of a sequel in the same vein as Paramount Television’s Minority Report TV project, which is currently at pilot stage at Fox. It is also unclear if any of the original cast are being lined up to reprise their roles in the project.