Broadcast TV Buzz: 'The Following' & 'Stalker' To Be Cancelled, 'Castle' Renewal May Come Down To The Wire & More – TVWise

The annual Upfront Presentations in New York City are little more than a month away and, as such, several bubble shows are still awaiting word on whether or not they will be back next season. That long list of shows includes, amongst others, The Following, Stalker, Castle, One Big Happy and Resurrection.
To ease (or in some cases exacerbate) fans anxiety, TVWise presents the second edition of this year’s Broadcast TV Buzz column, which lists, by network, the latest industry intel (buzz if you will) on which shows will be back next year and which shows we will be saying goodbye to.
There has been some movement since our first Broadcast TV Buzz column last month, but as with that early edition the fate of some of these shows are still heavily influx and as such what is reported below should be taken with a grain of salt. If you can’t find the show you’re looking for below, then chances are that it has already been renewed or cancelled. To check on that, you can use our handy scorecard.
There has been very little movement at ABC in the past few weeks. Owing to the fact that the network has yet to officially pull the trigger on any renewals there are a lot of series still in play. Fresh Off The Boat, The Goldbergs, Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, Blackish, Modern Family, Once Upon A Time and Scandal are all locks for renewal. Marvel’s Agent Carter, Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Galavant, Last Man Standing and Cristela are also set to be renewed. The fate of The Middle remains hazy, with none of the cast under contract and no meaningful conversations going on between the network, the studio (Warner Bros) and the cast’s reps. But even with Charlie McDermott toplining CBS pilot Super Clyde, word is that ABC is keen for the show to return. The same could be said of Castle. The network’s execs want to bring it back next season, but sources have indicated that there may be a BIG issue in getting one of the leads to sign on for even just one more year. The decision is expected to come down to the wire. (If it gets the ax, could Fillion’s next gig be a role in a certain six episode genre project for Fox? The Truth Is Out There.) Nashville’s odds of a renewal have improved, but the nature of the co-production agreement between ABC Studios and Lionsgate does complicate matters. Of the remaining series, Secrets & Lies has been an OK DVR gainer and that may be enough to swing it a second season; but Resurrection, Forever, Revenge and American Crime are still set to be cancelled, joining the likes of Selfie and Manhattan Love Story.
CBS has been more conservative this year, carefully picking which series to renew in lieu of the typical mass renewal of close to twenty series, which has been their MO in previous years. Thus far the series to earn pick ups for next season are 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly, Madam Secretary, Scorpion, NCIS: New Orleans, Mom and The Big Bang Theory (as part of a previous multi-year renewal). On the flip side of that, the network has also cancelled The Millers and The McCarthys, while The Mentalist wrapped its seven season run back in February. Of their remaining shows, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Good Wife, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods and The Odd Couple are all locks for renewal. Despite some sagging ratings, Hawaii Five-0 is also set to be renewed. Also looking good for renewal is Elementary and Person Of Interest. Battle Creek is the show that has been the biggest disappointment for CBS’ execs. Despite high hopes, it has failed to find an audience in its Sunday night slot and as such will not be back for a second season. Equally, the Dylan McDermott starrer Stalker, which wowed at last year’s Upfronts and LA Screenings, is set to be cancelled. Chatter is that CSI will make it to a sixteenth, but probably final, season. While new spin-off CSI: Cyber has been a very consistent performer in its 10pm time-slot and is expected to earn a second season renewal.
The CW
Things are fairly static at The CW, with no major developments since the last Broadcast TV Buzz column. To recap: the network has already renewed The 100, Arrow, Beauty And The Beast, The Flash, Jane The Virgin, The Originals, Reign, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries; leaving only Hart Of Dixie, iZombie and The Messengers hanging in the balance. Hart Of Dixie wrapped its run and despite the network’s claims that no decision has been made on the series, source still maintain that it is done. There will be no fifth season. iZombie has gotten off to a decent start and looks good for a second season renewal. The Messengers has yet to premiere, so time will tell on that one, but with the Arrow/The Flash spin-off heating up for a series order, there may not be much room left on the network’s 2015-2016 schedule.
Fox has been busy in the past couple of weeks. After TVWise broke the news, the network confirmed that they had given the green-light to a six episodes X-Files revival and just this past week they granted a fifth season to struggling Tuesday night comedy New Girl. It joins the likes of Empire, Gotham, Bob’s Burgers, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Simpsons, Family Guy and Sleepy Hollow – all of which have also been renewed. That being the case, it is only The Following, The Mindy Project, Backstrom, Mulaney, Bones, The Last Man On Earth and the just-premiered Weird Loners awaiting word on their respective fates. Bones is more or less a lock for renewal, with contract negotiations with the cast being the only hold up here. Even Fox’s desire to remain in business with Kevin Bacon is not enough to prop up The Following given its ratings collapse this season and as such the series is set to be cancelled. The Last Man On Earth is all but guaranteed to get a second season after its decent performance – both in terms of ratings and critical acclaim – in its Sunday time-slot. The Mindy Project will have a harder time. The show isn’t owned by Fox and as such the network may be prepared to get rid of the struggling series. The only real hope of a renewal is if Universal TV is willing to lower the license fee to a level that will work for both parties. Backstrom is essentially dead and, like Mulaney, will be officially cancelled in the weeks ahead. While Weird Loners launched to some soft numbers and may too be facing cancellation. Fox previously cancelled Gracepoint, Red Band Society and Glee.
Much like The CW, very little has changed at the peacock. NBC has already renewed The Blacklist, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Grimm and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit; whilst also cancelling Parenthood, Parks & Recreation, Allegiance, A To Z, Bad Judge and Mission Control. Unfortunately for NBC, One Big Happy did not wind up being the comedy hit that they so baldy needed. With its poor ratings performance, the Elisha Cuthbert fronted comedy is set to be cancelled. Friday night genre drama Constantine still has a shot at a second season order, but as previously reported, there is no truth to the rumours that it could segue to Syfy. While sources maintain Constantine is still in contention, I wouldn’t be putting any money on it coming back. The Mysteries Of Laura’s continued ratings declines have poured cold water on the talk of a second season. Meanwhile, State of Affairs, Marry Me and About A Boy will not be coming back. But it’s not all bad news. I hear NBC is happy with the in-season performance of former Summer series Undateable and the show is on track for a third season renewal. The same is true of The Night Shift, which I’m told will also be renewed. The only real question at NBC is whether or not American Odyssey will connect with audiences when it premieres on Sunday.