UKTV’s Alibi Channel To Air Short-Form POV Murder Mystery During Ad Breaks

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In what is being hailed as a TV first, UKTV is set to air a short-form Murder Mystery series during ad breaks on their Alibi channel.

Known as The Alibis, the short-form point-of-view murder mystery series consists of eight shorts, ranging from one to three minutes in length, which will air during the advertising breaks of Alibi’s regularly scheduled programming. The series tells the story of a crime in real time, with each episode detailing a different clue or suspect.

The short-form series, which is being produced by Rubber Republic, is edited in a manner that will allow members of the audience to theorise and piece together clues between episodes, giving them the opportunity to solve the crime. The audience will also be prompted to share their theories on social media and the Alibi website.

The Alibis will begin airing on Alibi from tomorrow and will continue throughout March and April. The short-form project was ordered by Esther Pilgerstorfer, UKTV’s Creative Services Producer. All 8 episodes were penned by Tiffany Maddox and Rubber Republic co-founder Matt Golding, the latter of whom also served as the director.

“In an era of increasingly immersive storytelling The Alibis feels like a great way to enhance our audience’s link with our crime channel by actively involving them in their own real time crime drama”, said Esther Pilgerstorfer. “We’ll be watching the audience’s reaction to this closely to guide our future innovation.”

“Rubber Republic have done a great job in realising a concept we hope our audiences will love”, added Adrian Wills, General Manager of Alibi. “Alibi feels the perfect home for this as we have a loyal fan base, who love to discuss our shows, and enjoy the challenge of solving a puzzling crimes.”

Check out the first episode below: