TV Trailer: 'Richard E. Grant’s 7 Deadly Sins' On Discovery Channel – TVWise

Discovery Channel UK has released the first trailer for their upcoming seven episode series Richard E. Grant’s 7 Deadly Sins.
Fronted by Richard E. Grant, 7 Deadly Sins follows the Downton Abbey star as he examines the origins of the sins and the effect they have on both humans and animals. He will achieve that by dramatizing the words of noted writers, including Dante Alighieri and William Shakespeare, to highlight the human effects; while wildlife footage and interviews with experts will be used to show the effect on animals.
The series consists of seven episodes, with each episode focusing on one of the sins. It is being produced for Discovery by back2back, who worked closely with screenwriters from Morgan Freeman’s Revelations Entertainment on the series. The executive producers are Tom Gorham, David Notman-Watt and Benedetta Pinelli.
Speaking at the time 7 Deadly Sins was commissioned, Head of Discovery Channel UK & Ireland Graham Lafferty, said: “We are excited to be working with Richard E Grant on this ambitious production that combines natural-history storytelling with a theatrical dimension. Richard E. Grant’s 7 Deadly Sins looks at factual storytelling from a completely different perspective, revealing that what we consider to be human traits are also found in the animal kingdom”.
Check out the trailer below:
Richard E. Grant’s 7 Deadly Sins is set to premiere on Discovery Channel on Friday March 13th at 9pm.