‘The X-Files’ Revival: If It Gets A Greenlight Will Frank Spotnitz Be Involved?

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SpotnitzSince Fox co-chairs Dana Walden and Gary Newman confirmed that they were in talks to bring back The X-Files as a limited series, several questions have loomed large.

A number of those questions, such as whether Fox was considering a reboot or a revival, or if David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson would reprise their roles, have been largely resolved. But the question of whether or not Frank Spotnitz would return to the fold alongside his friend and former boss Chris Carter has yet to be answered.

TVWise recently spoke with Frank Spotnitz about his Amazon project The Man In The High Castle and in between questions about the Philip K. Dick adaptation, we were able to ask him about the proposed X-Files revival.

For obvious reasons, Frank Spotnitz was reluctant to directly answer the burning question about his possible involvement in a new entry in the X-Files franchise, should it get a greenlight from Fox executives. “I can’t say anything about that”, Spotnitz said. Though he did add that he thought the show would come back in some form.

“I’ve always thought it would happen, although I didn’t know what form it would take”, he added. “Even after the movie in 2008 didn’t do as well as people had hoped, I never thought for a moment that was the end of The X-Files. I knew it would come back and it was just undeniable that somehow, some way, it would come back and I still think that is true”.