‘World’s Most Talented’ Sneak Peek: Daredevil Unicyclist Rides Across The Edge Of Romania’s Tallest Dam

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UKTV’s Watch channel has released a first look clip from their upcoming talent series World’s Most Talented.

World’s Most Talented follows presenters Laura Jackson and David Brain Jackson as they scour the globe looking for new talent that can thrill audiences. Each episode will see the pair visiting different countries and the acts they discover will be uploaded to a jury of 100 vloggers  from around the globe, who will vote for the winner in a nail biting finale which will see one act and their respective country crowned the World’s Most Talented.

The five episode series is being produced by independent production company Renegade Pictures after being commissioned by UKTV’s Commissioning Editor Hilary Rosen, who described the concept as “part travelogue, part variety show”. Jaime Brannan is set as the series producer, while Harry Lansdown and Suzanne Readwin are serving as executive producers.

The first look clip shows Laura Jackson looking on as Romania’s entry, 31 year old unicyclist Flaviu Cernescu, balances on the edge of the tallest dam in the country, the Vidraru, and then crosses its ledge daredevil-style to get to the other side whilst battling his nerves and the prevailing wind. But will it be enough to beat the contestant from India and see Cernescu and Romania crowned World’s Most Talented?

“I love unicycling at high altitude and I have had this dream for quite some time now to do this at the Vidraru dam”, said Flaviu Cernescu. “The drop on the dam is 166 metres, so if I fall off unless I grow wings on the way down, there is no chance of survival. I have a fear of heights but I wanted to overcome it, so today is about facing my fears.”

“I honestly don’t know how he can do this. I can’t even look down without feeling sick”, added presenter Laura Jackson. “You know there are those things that are quite dangerous and funny, but this isn’t one of those. This is just scary.”

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World’s Most Talented premieres on UKTV’s Watch channel on Tuesday March 31st at 9pm