Lifetime UK Snaps Up 'Flowers In The Attic' Sequels 'If There Be Thorns' & 'Seeds Of Yesterday' – TVWise

Lifetime is bringing the final two chapters in the Flowers In The Attic franchise to the UK.
The female skewing channel has picked up the exclusive first run UK broadcast rights to Flowers In The Attic 3: If There Be Thorns and Flowers In The Attic 4: Seeds Of Yesterday, the final two entries in the TV movie franchise starring, amongst others, Dylan Bruce and Heather Graham, TVWise has learned exclusively.
If There Be Thorns follows Chris (Jason Lewis), Cathy (Rachael Carpani) and her two sons, who are unaware of the incestuous nature of their parent’s relationship. A mysterious woman, who turns out to be Chris and Cathy’s mother Corinne, moves in next door and befriends the younger boy, Bart (Mason Cook), Corinne is secretly showing Bart his evil great-grandfather’s diary. When Chris finds out the truth about their mysterious neighbour, he tries to hide it from Cathy, but in a tragic climax, all secrets are revealed.
Seeds Of Yesterday picks up after Corrine’s death with Bart using the money she left him to re-create Foxworth Hall, where he now lives. The whole family, including Jory who is now a dancer, continue to coexist miserably together in their gloomy mansion. After Chris is killed in a car accident just like his father Cathy, mourning his death, sits wistfully in the attic that looks just like the one she inhabited for three miserable years as a child and dies of a broken heart.
The acquisition of both If There Be Thorns and Seeds Of Yesterday comes after the first two films in the franchise proved to be ratings hits for Lifetime UK. The initial film, Flowers In The Attic, first aired on the channel in April 2014 to a consolidated audience of 180K viewers; while the sequel, Petals In The Wind, followed in September and managed an audience of 170K viewers.
Lifetime UK is set to air the entire quadrilogy this Spring in their Thursday night 9pm “Lifetime Drama Specials” slot. The channel will kick things off with an encore of Flowers In The Attic on April 16th; followed by an encore of Flowers In The Attic 2: Petals On The Wind on April 23rd; leading into If There Be Thorns on April 30th and Seeds Of Yesterday on May 7th.