Austrian Broadcaster ORF To Co-Produce Pair Of Earth Touch Wildlife Films – TVWise

Austrian broadcaster ORF is set to co-produce wildlife films Black Mamba – Kiss of Death and Monster Frog after striking a deal with UK based factual entertainment producer and distributor Earth Touch, TVWise has learned.
Black Mamba – Kiss Of Death follow snake expert Simon Keyes as he reveals the secret lives of the Black Mamba. Through the use of wildlife footage and dramatic reconstruction, the one-off exposes the myths about these creatures, recreates the most famous occasions of human/mamba conflict and highlights mamba behaviour which has not been seen before.
Monster Frog examines a range of unusual amphibians, including the 70 million-year-old giant Devil toad which weighed in at around six kilograms and the mysterious modern day giant, the Goliath frog, hidden deep in the West African forests. The show also examines the harsh realities of chemical water pollution which is producing disturbing deformities in its animal inhabitants.
“Earth Touch productions guarantee top-quality visuals, pacey, energetic storytelling and in-depth zoological expertise”, said Andrew Solomon, Head of ORF’s Universum Strand. “Black Mamba and Monster Frog will combine amazement, suspense, a touch of humour and the occasional shiver – a great combination for our Universum audience at home, and for our regional broadcaster clients.”
“Earth Touch continues to set the bar for world-class wildlife filmmaking, and exposing not only majesty of the natural world, but its darker, weirder side as well”, added Chris Fletcher, Earth Touch’s Director of Sales and Programming. “We’re pleased to see these two films reaching new audiences through our co-production with ORF Austria.”