'Star Trek 3': Simon Pegg & Doug Jung Set As New Screenwriters – TVWise

Paramount and Skydance Productions are making more changes to Star Trek 3.
Simon Pegg and Doug Jung have been selected by the studio to take a new pass at the script for the upcoming feature film, Deadline reports.
It is not immediately clear if the previous script, originally penned by Roberto Orci, and subsequently touched up by Patrick McKay and John D. Payne, has been set aside, or if Simon Pegg and Doug Jung are merely working as script doctors.
The studio’s new choice of writers is nevertheless a bold move. Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty in the rebooted Star Trek series, has written films with a comedic bent such as Shaun Of The Dead and Paul; while Doug Jung’s previous writing credits include TNT series Dark Blue and Cinemax’s Banshee.
Star Trek 3 has had its share of development issues. After JJ Abrams opted not to direct, Roberto Orci was set as the director before subsequently stepping down in December 2014. After a short search, Paramount signed Justin Lin as the new director and set a release date for July 8th 2016.