Discovery Acquires Windfall's 'Strip The Cosmos' – TVWise

Discovery Networks has closed a deal with Windfall Films to acquire six episode factual series Strip The Cosmos, TVWise has learned.
The show uses 3D CGI Animations to reveal the secrets of the universe and seeks to answer such questions as what happens inside an exploding star and how big was the comet than wiped out the dinosaurs? In addition to the CGI, the show also features spacecraft launches, geological expeditions and telescope exploration.
A follow up to Windfall’s Strip The City, Strip The Cosmos will premiere on Discovery Channel UK in January 2015, before subsequently rolling out globally on Discover Networks International. The show was acquired by Adam Jacobs, Discovery’s Director of Factual Programming.
“Strip The Cosmos gets to the heart of the mysteries of the cosmos, using CGI to reveal processes and phenomena that are hidden in the fabric of space”, said Discovery’s Dan Korn. “Throughout the series we hear from the world’s preeminent geologists, astronomers and cosmologists, who between them shed new light on the inter-stellar and gravitational forces that have shaped our universe”.
While Executive Producer Carlo Massarella added: “We are thrilled that Strip The Cosmos has been acquired by Discovery Networks. The novel CGI animation used in the series will give Discovery viewers a completely new perspective on the universe, exploring its wonders from the inside out”.