Lenny Henry, Elizabeth Berrington & Anthony Andrews To Star In BBC One's 'The Syndicate' – TVWise

BBC One and Rollem Productions have set the cast for the third season of The Syndicate.
Lenny Henry (Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban), Elizabeth Berrington (Trying Again)and Anthony Andrews (The King’s Speech) are to star in the six episode third season of the Kay Mellor created lottery drama, TVWise has learned.
The new season is set in 2015 and is set at the Hazelwood Manor, which has fallen into a state of disrepair. The estate is home to the ailing Lord Hazelwood, Lazy Hazelwood and the Lord’s stepson Spencer. The dire financial straits of the estate has led to a reduction in staffing levels so now there are only five on the payroll. The gardener, who years ago formed a Lottery syndicate, uses statistical analysis to pick the winning numbers to a £14 million jackpot. But shortly after the win, tragedy strikes when Dawn, the Estate’s cleaner, discovers her daughter has disappeared. Over the course of six episodes, the staff enjoy their newfound riches while the police investigation into the disappearance becomes more urgent, leading to the revelation of numerous secrets.
Lenny Henry will play Godfrey, the gardener who formed the syndicate years ago and who picks the winning numbers to the jackpot; Elizabeth Berrington will portray Dawn, Hazelwood Manor’s cleaner; while Anthony Andrews has been cast as Lord Hazelwood. Rounding out the cast is Sam Phillips (In The Flesh) as Spencer, Lord Hazelwood’s stepson; Cara Theobold (Downton Abbey) as Sarah, Hazelwood Manor’s housekeeper; Melanie Hill (Cilla) as Julie, the cook; and Richard Rankin (The Crimson Field) as groomsman and odd-job man Sean.
“The Syndicate 3 is a completely new series, with a fresh new world and brand new characters, the staff of a crumbling stately home: the Cook, House Manager, Gardener, Cleaner and Game Keeper. It’s about new money – ordinary people who win a life changing amount of money on the lottery”, said series creator Kay Mellor. I was excited by the idea of setting the syndicate winners amongst the old money of a crumbling stately home, where Lord and Lady Hazelwood’s inherited money is fast running out. It’s a delicious premise which enables me to look at class and social politics within the framework of a drama – ‘downstairs’ becoming instantly wealthier than ‘upstairs’”.
BBC One has been keen to continue with The Syndicate for quite some time, after originally commissioning the third season back in August 2013. Kay Mellor’s other commitments, notably fellow BBC One drama In The Club, ensured that production on The Syndicate could not resume until now. The new run of episodes were penned by Mellor and are again being produced by her Rollem Productions banner. She will also serve as a director alongside Dominic Leclerc. Yvonne Francas is the series producer, while Kay Mellor and Polly Hill executive produce.