HBO Releases First Full Trailer For ‘The Newsroom’ Season 3

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HBO has debuted the first full trailer for the upcoming third and final season of The Newsroom.

The Aaron Sorkin created cable news drama returns on Sunday November 9th for its final six episodes. Per the trailer, the new season is set in 2013 and sees the News Night team reporting on the Boston Bombings. Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) is, understandably uncomfortable about reporting on tweets as news.

“Two times in twenty-four hours law enforcement had to publicly disclose information because either a website or a paper put someone’s life in danger!”, Will yells at the News Night staff. “He’s hiding in a boat in someone’s backyard? I’d like confirmation on that before I say it on TV!”

Another major plot line from season three involves an Edward Snowden type leaker, who hands over thousands of classified documents to Neal (Dev Patel). Will, Charlie (Sam Waterston) and Mac (Emily Mortimer) are then left to decide whether or not, in the wake of the Operation Genoa scandal, they should run the story and face the backlash that will inevitably follow from the federal government.

Watch the trailer below: