CBeebies Greenlights Preschool Series 'Twirlywoos' From Ragdoll & DHX Media – TVWise

CBeebies has given the greenlight to Twirlywoos, a 50 episode preschool series from Ragdoll Productions and DHX Media.
Twirlywoos follows four small, bird-like characters who are inquisitive, enthusiastic and always looking to learn something new about the world. Ever curious, they seek adventure and fun wherever they go. Whether in the real world or on their big red boat, they love to hide, imitate and be surprised as they discover new things. It combines stop-frame animation and live action sequences set in the real world and was developed to encourages preschoolers to think for themselves, and gain confidence in their own perceptions of the world
The series was devised by Anne Wood, Steve Roberts & Chris Wood and is being produced by Ragdoll Productions in association with DHX Media, who will handle global distribution, merchandising, brand management and marketing for Twirlywoos. Chris Wood serves as the series producer, while Anne Wood executive produces. The lead writer is Steve Roberts.
“I am delighted to be working with Ragdoll again. It’s been such a positive collaboration and Ragdoll have managed to develop a show that is both brilliantly clever and funny and which has a strong educational element underpinning it”, said CBeebies Controller Kay Benbow. “It’s a great new offering for our younger viewers while at the same time the charming nature of Twirlywoos will undoubtedly appeal to all age groups.”
Anne Wood, Founder and Creative Director of Ragdoll Productions, commented: “Television that makes children smile is so valuable and I’m proud to be part of CBeebies tradition of wonderful children’s television, contributing towards making children and even some parents, smile. It is particularly rewarding to be working with Steve Roberts. Twirlywoos is our second collaboration after the award-winning Dipdap, and has all the same sense of fun.”
While Steven DeNure, President and COO of DHX Media, added: “Anne and her team at Ragdoll have created a series that truly puts child-centric development at its centre – it’s also laugh-out-loud funny with a host of standout characters drawing on real-life situations and discoveries. Twirlywoos has an easy charm and visual simplicity but is also multi-layered with each element carefully considered to enhance preschool development. We are confident that it will be a tremendous success.”